Homecoming: Season Two - Original Soundtrack 2XLP

Mondo, in partnership with Lakeshore Music, are proud to present Emile Mosseri's score for the Amazon Original Series HOMECOMING: SEASON TWO.
Emile produces a vast array of work here (27 tracks in total) which is varied in tone but super cohesive; certain cues remind of classic Bernard Herrman. Others, you can hear faint echoes from The Shining by Wendy Carlos, but this is no mere pastiche, Emile’s work is exciting, thoughtful, intense and playful, sometimes within the same cue . A classic score in every sense that can easily hold it’s own with any number of heavy-hitting scores from the 1960’s/1970's. A genuine delight from start to finish and one that is sure to be high on many end of year lists come December 2020.
Composer Emile Mosseri
Artist Mo Shafeek
Label Mondo Music
Property Homecoming
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Season 1 of Amazon’s Homecoming used existing cues from classic films such as Vertigo, Carrie & The Thing to highlight the noir elements of the show, which focussed on the mysterious Homecoming Transitional Support center. This secretive government facility may or may not be helping veterans transition back to the normality of civilian life.

With season two director Kyle Patrick Alverez expands the story into a larger world and in doing so asked Emile Mosseri (The Last Black Man In San Francisco) to score the show and it is undeniably one of the highlights of the show. The seasons’ central theme ‘Calico’ is a woozy, off-kilter piano motif that builds over time adding piercing strings and subtle distortion that is both familiar and disorientating (very much like the show itself) at the same time.


Side A
1. Calico
2. Motel
3. The Giant
4. Suddenly Temple
5. Beyond The Valley of The Berries
6. Leonard's Theme

Side B
1. Redwoods
2. Melon
3. The Orb
4. Blue Peach
5. Alex and Temple
6. What If
7. Prophylactic

Side C
1. Geist Maze
2. The Toothpaste is Out Of The Tube
3. Bunda
4. Lord of the Berries
5. Rock Hammer
6. Calico's Needle
7. Leonard's Reprise

Side D
1. Middle Of The Lake
2. Drink Up
3. Aromarama
4. Casing Temple's House
5. Ice It Before It Swells
6. Jackie Goes Shopping
7. Calico Reprise