House Of The Devil Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP


Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present Jeff Grace’s score to THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, Ti West’s acclaimed shocker that pays homage to films from one of the true golden ages of horror cinema. This movie shares its DNA with films such as THE OMEN or ROSEMARY’S BABY; there is a certain period aesthetic that is reflected in its brooding and slow-burning score. While it starts with an electric guitar and synth piece that immediately sets the mood and the time, Grace’s score doesn’t immediately hit you over the head with doom, instead building itself up over time and increasing in intensity, all the while remaining absolutely unsettling.

The score begins in minimalist fashion, with delicate piano providing an eerie and foreboding presence. There are flashes of beauty amongst the sinister, with a solo violin providing a brief but exceptional moment of escape, but even that respite feels uncomfortable. Things heat up soon after, with the introduction of frantic strings to jolt you into a sense of alarm before Grace opens up with massive synths and insectoid violins in a glorious moment of musical confrontation. From there on you’re in for a terrifying treat, with a final act that cements the score as a modern classic. This is a house you’ll want to return to again and again.

This is the Regular edition, pressed on translucent Red Vinyl.

Composer Jeff Grace
Artist Tom Hodge
Property House of the Devil
Sold Out


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