Invasion of Astro-Monster (Variant) Poster

Friend of the family Tom Whalen is back with another entry in his own Godzilla series for 1965's INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER. In this film aliens from Planet X must borrow Monsters Zero One and Zero Two, aka Godzilla and Rodan, from Earth in order to defeat King Ghidorah. In return, they offer to provide humans for a miracle cure to all known diseases. Should we really trust them? This is one of our favorite posters of Tom's. There is an intensity and confidence to the composition, and his enthusiasm and adoration for these films is on full display. We love it and are excited keep this series moving along. A monster lover's masterpiece.
Artist Tom Whalen
Property Godzilla
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Product information
Edition size 150
Height 24"
Printer DL Screenprinting
Print type Screenprint
Width 36"
Invasion of Astro-Monster (Variant) Poster