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Ism - A Diet For The Worms LP

Distributed title
Composer Ism
Label Ship to Shore PhonoCo.
Sold Out


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Product information
Bonus material Features a 4-page color insert with never-before-seen photos
Liner notes Jism & Stephen Blush
Mastered by Roger Lian
Rpm 33 ⅓
Vinyl color Turquoise Vinyl

"Mute your TV and put this on while watching the news." - The Big Takeover 

Ism's 1983 full-length debut A Diet For The Worms, originally available in a limited release by S.I.N. Records, dominated college radio and the CMJ radio charts while the group, fronted by the enigmatic and classically trained pianist Jism, popularized their new brand of Hardcore Punk at venues like CBGB, City Gardens and A7 alongside the likes of The Ramones and Black Flag.

Adorned with a cover featuring a baby emerging from between its mother's legs, A Diet For The Worms offers up an unhealthy dose of slamming tunes such as "John Hinckley Jr. (What Has Jodie Done to You?)," "Man/Boy Love Sickie," "White Castle At 3 AM," "Life Ain't No Bowl of Brady Bunch" and their classic affront to popular culture, "I Think I Love You." An incredulous Robert Christgau called it " riotously memorable" and Trouser Press, "A good, scatological laugh for the vulgar at heart."

Sought-after by hardcore and punk collectors, A Diet For The Worms has finally been re-issued by Ship To Shore PhonoCo. 33 1/3 years after its original release, remastered from the original master tapes and available on both aesthetically-appropriate green and purple swirl and classic black vinyl, and features a 4-page color insert with never-before-seen photos and brand-new liner notes from Jism himself as well as American Hardcore author Stephen Blush.


Side A
1. Auto Theft In New York City
2. White Castle At 3 AM
3. White, Straight And Male
4. Herpes Simplex II
5. Man/Boy Love Sickie
6. John Hinckley Jr. (What Has Jodie Foster Done To You?)
7. I Think I Love You (Digital Bonus Track)

Side B
1. Dance Club Meat Market
2. Vegetarian At A Barbeque
3. Shitlist
4. Proud To Be Guilty
5. Moon The Moonies
6. Put On Your Warpaint