Limited Edition
Distributed title
Performed and produced entirely without the use of MIDI and other modern production techniques, MAINE’s IV is a fiercely analogue affair, a throwback to the electronic pioneers of the past.
Composer MAINE
Artist Eric Adrian Lee
Label Midnight Mannequin Records
Sold Out


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Product information
Liner notes Aaron Vehling
Mastered by Jeppe Hasseriis
Vinyl color Transparent Coke Bottle Green
Vinyl weight 180 Gram

Real synthesizers, real drums, real strings - each instrument played live. Each layer of sound deconstructed and carefully rebuilt to create new sounds, giving way to a wholly unique sonic signature that permeates each track and is undeniably MAINE. Never have 14 individual compositions been more made for each other. With IV, Michel Dupay has crafted a deeply connected and emotive experience full of melancholy and tension; it’s heavy, gothic, and dark, but on occasion manages to let a bit of light seep in, providing the listener with a brief (and much needed) emotional reprieve. It’s this juxtaposition that makes the album so engaging and such a rewarding listen. Prepare yourself - you are going to get lost in this album, and when you finally find your way out, you won’t be the same. This is an effort that demands all of your attention. Best enjoyed from the comfort of your very own sensory deprivation tank. But if you’re having trouble locating it at the moment, a darkened room and a weighted blanket will likely do just fine.