Jason Priest Is Missing LP

Distributed title
Composers Antoni MaiovviJason Priest
Artist Eric Adrian Lee
Label Midnight Mannequin Records
Sold Out


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Product information
Mastered by Jeppe Hasseriis
Rpm 33 ⅓
Vinyl color Transparent Yellow
Vinyl weight 180 Gram
After cutting his teeth with 2018’s King-Kill/33° EP and 2019’s Nightmare Boy EP, Jason Priest is back with his full-length debut, Jason Priest Is Missing, on Midnight Mannequin Records. Missing is eight tracks of what can only be described as a sort of post-goth-punk-wave-synthpop, inspired by equal parts The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails. The album firmly places Jason Priest in the upper echelon of synthpop acts, with painfully authentic vocals and masterful songwriting. Moments of upbeat synthpop perfection are juxtaposed against darker lyrics that explore themes of sadness, loss, and facing one’s own mortality. With pounding percussion, catchy guitar melodies, and pulsating synths, Jason Priest Is Missing is simply one of the best darkwave/synthpop albums to be released in years and (forgive us) is absolutely not to be missed. Electronic power-pop for the Haçienda crowd, complete with ‘I’m-rushing-my-tits-off’ joy and comedown melancholy. Available digitally and on limited edition 180 gram colored vinyl.
Jason Priest is the post-punk/synthpop alter ego of Antoni Maiovvi, an artist with immeasurable talent and almost as many creative aliases as he has releases under his studded leather belt. Maybe you know him as the co-founder of Giallo Disco Records, or for his previous work on Death Waltz Originals, or as the creative force behind a long list of horror soundtracks, both real and imagined. Now is your chance to know him as Jason Priest, the British punk rocker who heads to New York City in 1982 on the heels of a brand new record deal, only to spend the better part of the decade strung out on amphetamines and drowning in alcohol. Now, Jason is back in London with renewed energy from both the change of scenery and, more importantly, a newfound sobriety…
“An extraordinary display of songcraft and aesthetic. Like Lust For Youth or Drab Majesty, Jason Priest recalls a specific time in 1980s post-punk/new wave without sounding like a cheap knockoff. It will take you about three seconds into opener “When The Clown Cries” before you’re comprehensively hooked.” – Vehlinggo
“Easily the strongest set of songs that Maiovvi has ever produced. It’s not just that Maiovvi honors the aggressive disco punk of his influencers, it’s that he often laps them.” – CDM
“An exquisite display of layered percussion, Cure-like guitar melodies, bass lines, synth lines, and vocals with a noticeable edge and occasional post-punk undertone…richly textured and a truly unmatched fusion of styles.” – The Electroscape
"Jason Priest Is Missing captures this undeniably electric feeling on a record that encapsulates everything that the term “wave” (Read: synth, dark, etc) should be attached to from here on out." - Rock and Roll Fables
"Missing is, darkwave-wise, the king’s and queen’s bollocks wrapped in gold-threaded raw silk and topped with shiny onyx that you should not only make time for but also some room on your vinyl shelf as this is one of those albums the possession of which in physical form is pretty much compulsory." - Stereo Embers Magazine 


  1. When the Clown Cries
  2. Be Thankful, Billy
  3. Robes
  4. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants
  5. Gone Upstairs
  6. The Power
  7. March 25th
  8. Dead Again