Korra & Asami in the Spirit World


The Legend of Korra series ended in both surprise and beauty — two friends, realizing they have stronger feelings for each other, decide to take a vacation into the Spirit World, and enter the realm joined hand-in-hand.

Mondo Exclusive: With this version, the large plant can be interchanged with Korra and Asami's backpacks, featuring a mischievous onion spirit looking to play a game of Pai Sho it's found in one of the bags.

Artists Bryan KonietzkoEric SiebenalerJoe JungMara AnchetaSimon GarciaTrevor Grove
Properties Avatar: The Last AirbenderNickelodeon
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Product information
Height 8.5"
Material Polystone
Photographer Danny Reams
Weight 8 lbs

In the Korra & Asami in the Spirit World, we imagine the couple several days into their trip, taking in the wonders of the land, while a friendly leaf spirit joins them in looking on with awe.