La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo

Limited Edition
Distributed title
Composer Riz Ortolani
Label Cinevox Records
Property La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 500
Rpm 33 1/3
Vinyl color Yellow
“La Ragazza dal Pigiama Giallo” (The Pyjama Girl Case) is a 1977 crime film directed by Flavio Mogherini, peculiarly set in Australia and featuring an exceptional international cast starring actors Ray Milland and Mel Ferrer.
The soundtrack composed by Riz Ortolani (“Cannibal Holocaust”, “Zeder”), is mainly characterized by a funk-rock pace, with melancholy and romantic moments (“Un uomo nella strada”) alternating with others that are more intense and thrilling (“La fuga”); the electronic sounds of “Il corpo di Linda” are also reminiscent of the music and images of maestro John Carpenter’s movies. The presence of Amanda Lear, who sings in two tracks that she also wrote the lyrics of, “Look at her dancing” and “Your yellow pyjama”, eventually adds a good dose of sensuality and eroticism – two ingredients still present in the film – to the final mix.
This new 180gr yellow vinyl edition is the first ever reissue in LP format, in a completely renewed gatefold cover graphic layout, with remastered audio and five bonus tracks not present in the original 1977 version!


Side A:
1.La ragazza dal pigiama giallo 3:49
2.Un uomo nella strada 4:04
3.Look at her dancing 4:13
4.La fuga 3:54
5.Your yellow pyjama 4:17

Side B:
1.Incontro sul battello 3:44
2.Il corpo di Linda 3:48
3.Un uomo nella strada (Titoli finali) 4:04
4.Your yellow pyjama (Sensual mood) 2:08 *
5.La fuga (Wild in the night) 2:08 *
6.La ragazza dal pigiama giallo (Metal love) 4:07 *
7.Un uomo nella strada (Nostalgic journey) 1:12 *
8.Incontro sul battello (Dancing harmonica) 3:37 *