Last Night in Soho - Original Motion Picture Score 2XLP

Featuring all new artwork by Paul Mann and liner notes by composer Steven Price.
Composer Steven Price
Artist Paul Mann
Label Mondo Music
Property Last Night In Soho
Sold Out


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Mondo, in partnership with Back Lot Music Wright, are proud to present the premiere physical release of Steven Price's electrifying score to LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, the latest film by Edgar Wright.  

Edgar Wright  wanted a score to soundtrack the two eras of Last Night in Soho and tie together the stories of these two very different young women. To achieve this, Wright turned once again to his now-regular composer, Academy Award® winner Steven Price, who successfully scored both Baby Driver and The World’s End.

While Price’s influences for the score included contemporary film music by the likes of Ennio Morricone and John Barry, a “’60s session band” sound with echoing fragments of dialogue add a different and sometimes subliminally sinister edge to the score. The sounds of ‘60s Soho blend into the present-day London scenes as Eloise is sucked further into the past. “The idea is that Sandie’s voice becomes part of the film, so you hear her siren song from the ‘60s coming through, and Anya became an intrinsic part of it… I was pleased that the lead actress is also the lead singer in the film score; the whole thing knitted together.” 

The album also features songs performed by Anya Taylor-Joy, including the lead single from the film "Downtown (Downtempo Version)" 

Featuring all new artwork by Paul Mann and liner notes by composer Steven Price.


Side A
1. Downtown (Downtempo) – Anya Taylor-Joy
2. Neon
3. The Beginning
4. When I Feel More at Home
5. I’m With You to the End
6. You Look Familiar to Me

Side B
1. You Know You’re Not Asleep
2. Handsy
3. You Know Where to Find Me
4. No Male Visitors
5. Just Come in Dearie

Side C
1. (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me (Soho Version)
– Sandie Shaw & Steven Price
2. A Vision from the Past
3. Feel Free to Run a Mile
4. Leave Me Alone
5. You Tell Her I Said Hello

Side D
1. Hopes and Dreams
2. Little Liar
3. You’re My World (Soho Version) – Anya Taylor-Joy & Steven Price
4. Help
5. You Have to Let Me Go
6. Downtown (Soho Version) – Anya Taylor-Joy