Lord Shango - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Distributed title
Composer Howard Roberts
Property Lord Shango
Sold Out


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Product information
Liner notes Mark H. Harris
Released in early 1975, Lord Shango’s marketing materials painted it as a horror movie…but in truth, it’s a thoughtful, deliberately paced blend of genres similar in tone and cultural content (comparable to the spirit and feel of the 1973 film Ganja & Hess and plays like a “woke” old-timey melodrama in the mold of the “race films” of the early 20th century from pioneering black directors like Oscar Micheaux and Spencer Williams. This racial consciousness is undoubtedly a manifestation of the Afrocentrism and Black Power movement of the ’60s and ’70s.
Three distinct musical styles run throughout the film, each serving to set the tone for one of the primary settings: gospel in and around the church, African drumming in the Yoruba village and jazz/R&B/funk in the “real world”. The music in Lord Shango is almost a character unto itself.
The man versatile enough to provide this vital musical accompaniment was accomplished trumpeter, singer, composer & conductor Howard Roberts, known for his work with icons such as Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin and countless others. 
The soundtrack to Lord Shango has it all! Expect hypnotic Yoruba drums, call-and-response chants, spiritual belting gospel choirs with Doo-wop backings to more contemporary R&B jams with an easy-going Al Green soul-vibe, blazing funk (the more ‘stereotypical’ Blaxploitation sound), an array of fantastic jazz permutations, soothing piano ballads combined with fabulous midtempo horns…and even ‘loungy’ Latin fusion jazz-funk. This album is a must-have piece of art that just begs for a place in every serious soundtrack collectors’ collection.


1. Jenny's Theme
2. Funky, But??
3. Some People
4. Walk Softly
5. Sailin’
6. It Was You
7. Streak O'Lean

8. Jesus, Sweet Jesus
9. Glory, Glory
10. Be Ready for the Judgement Day
11. Banjoko
12. Come to the Water
13. My Lord, He Calls Me