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Mad Max : Fury Road - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe Version 4XLP

Mondo Music, in partnership with WaterTower Music, are proud to present the Deluxe Edition of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to George Miller’s 2015 Warner Bros. film MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.  
With original artwork by Boneface, this 4xLP soundtrack comes complete with the expanded version of Junkie XL’s iconic score ... over two hours of music across 26 tracks. Housed in a die-cut leather-look slipcase, the packaging includes a pair of 2xLPs in metallic finish jackets plus a full-color insert.
Product images are mockups only. Completed product photography available at a later date.
Composers Junkie XLTom Holkenborg
Artist Boneface
Property Mad Max: Fury Road
Expected to ship in August 2024. Please note that items will be shipped together once all items in the order are in-hand and ready to ship, including pre-order products. Have questions? Please review our FAQs.


Product information
Bonus material Yes
Mastered by James Plotkin
Packaging details Die-cut, leather look slipcase, metallic finish jackets, full color print insert with Boneface art
Pressed at GZ
Rpm 33 1/3
Vinyl weight 140g
MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is a modern action masterpiece. Returning to the franchise after almost 30 years Writer / Director George Miller has crafted a new vision of the future, and of his Post Apocalyptic hero Max Rockatansky, this time teaming him up with a group of female refugees in a cross country, relentless chase to escape the evil Warlord who has been imprisoning them all. 
The soundtrack's composer Junkie XL utilized the movie’s vast landscape to explore a diverse range of musical territory, from beating drums to sweeping strings and electric guitar-driven operatic themes, utilizing nearly 200 instruments. “The score includes almost everything in a composer’s arsenal. The instrumentation ranges from big, brutal percussion and an 80-voice choir, with string sections and musical sound design, and everything in between. I used anything I could get my hands on.”


Side A
  1. Survive (Extended Version) - 01:39
  2. Escape (Extended Version) - 03:28
  3. Immortan's Citadel (Extended Version) - 08:58
Side B
  1. Blood Bag (Extended Version) - 03:39
  2. Buzzards Arrive (Bonus Track) - 01:24
  3. Spikey Cars (Extended Version) - 04:07
  4. Storm Is Coming (Extended Version) - 06:14
  5. We Are Not Things (Extended Version) - 01:39
Side C
  1. Water (Extended Version) - 06:25
  2. The Rig (Extended Version) - 06:31
  3. Into The Canyon (Bonus Track) - 02:49
Side D
  1. Brothers In Arms (Extended Version) - 05:52
  2. The Chase (Bonus Track) - 03:16
  3. Moving On (Bonus Track) - 01:56
Side E
  1. The Bog (Extended Version) - 12:32
  2. Redemption - 01:45
Side F
  1. Many Mothers (Extended Version) - 08:55
  2. The Return To Nowhere (Bonus Track) - 05:14
  3. Claw Trucks (Extended Version) - 05:38
Side G
  1. Immortan (Bonus Track) - 11:10
  2. Chapter Doof - 06:49
Side H
  1. Walhalla Awaits (Bonus Track) - 02:40
  2. My Name Is Max - 02:23
  3. Let Them Up - 02:36
  4. Mary Jo Bassa (Bonus Track) - 02:26
  5. Coda (Bonus Track) - 04:43