MANA (Secret of Mana Recreated) 2XLP

Distributed title
Mana Wave Media is proud to present their first original:
MANA: A Secret of Mana recreation by Jammin' Sam Miller!
Featuring licensed art from Mana series artist Hiroo Isono and brand new artwork from Cathy Kwan (Symphony of Zeal, Mondo's Shazam) adorning a gatefold jacket in gold foil alongside royal crest themed inner sleeves.
Composer Jammin' Sam Miller
Label Mana Wave Media
Property Secret of Mana
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 500
Jammin' Sam Miller has worked painstakingly over the course of months, sourcing and recreating the lush sounds of the world of Mana in a modern, uncompressed state. These covers were recreated from the original HEX data by Sam, note by note by ear, researching and tracking down the original sample patches and hardware available at the time and translating them to a modern studio environment unhindered by the compression of the SNES.