Masters of the Universe - Beast Man 1/6 Scale Figure - Timed Edition

Timed Edition
Part of the very first wave of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE figures released in 1982, Skeletor’s savage henchman has always been high on our to-do list. Now, we’re excited to announce we’re finally adding our definitive Mondo Beast Man to our MOTU 1/6 scale line.

As with the other characters in this line, we’ve upgraded a bunch of our favorite accessories from Beast Man’s history, including the original figure’s whip, which is fully bendable and poseable. Add in removable body armor plus a slew of swappable heads and hands, and you’ve got the ultimate version of the king of beasts.

Limit 2 figures per person, household, etc.

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Artists Emiliano SantaluciaFlorian BertmerMark BristowMay Thamtarana
Property Masters of the Universe
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Product information
Height 13"
Material PVC, ABS, Fabric
Weight 5 lbs


  • Concept Design - Emiliano Santalucia
  • Sculpt - May Thamtarana
  • Paint - Mark Bristow
  • Cut & Sew - Tim Hanson
  • Packaging Art - Florian Bertmer
  • Packaging Design - Jordan Christianson
  • Photography - Raúl Barrero
  • Art Direction - Hector Arce

Product includes

  • Beast Man Figure
  • Neutral swappable head
  • Angry swappable head
  • Throwback swappable head
  • Removable body armor: knee guards, bicep guards, shoulder pad, wrist guards
  • Swappable hands: neutral hands, aggressive hands, fists, c-grip, claw hand.
  • Bendable whip accessory
  • Blaster accessory
  • Goblet accessory
  • Meat chunk accessory
  • Sword accessory
  • Shoulder pad faux fur
  • Wrist faux fur
  • Faux leather loin cloth