Masters of the Universe - Trap Jaw 1/6 Scale Figure - Classic Variant

Limited Edition

Freshly escaped from Infinita, the psychotic interdimensional cyborg rejoins our MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1/6 Scale Figure line. A follow up to this year’s Deluxe Timed Edition, Trap Jaw is now available in a Limited Edition Classic Variant, inspired by his appearance in the original animated series.

Featuring over 30 points of articulation, swappable portraits and arms, fabric costume elements and six deadly weapons.

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Artists Alex BrewerFlorian BertmerMark BristowRichard ForceTommy Hodges
Properties Masters of the UniverseMattel
Sold Out


Product information
Edition size 1000
Height 12"
Material PVC, Vinyl, ABS
Weight 4 lbs


  • Concept Design - Florian Bertmer
  • Sculpt - Richard Force, Tommy Hodges, Alex Brewer
  • Paint - Mark Bristow
  • Packaging Art - Florian Bertmer
  • Packaging Design - Nolan Fleming Smith
  • Photography - Raúl Barrero

Product includes

  • Classic Trap Jaw Portrait
  • Classic Trap Jaw Mech Arm
  • Mondo Trap Jaw Portrait
  • Mondo Trap Jaw Mech Arm (swappable with Classic Arm)
  • Claw - Mech arm attachment
  • Hook - Mech arm attachment
  • Bow - Mech arm attachment
  • Fly Swatter - Mech arm attachment
  • Blaster - Mech arm attachment
  • Grapple Hook - Mech arm attachment
  • Figure Stand