Matango - Original Motion Picture Score LP

Limited Edition
Numbered Mondo exclusive pressed on Mushroom spore vinyl limited to 2000 units, comes with a sticker pack.
Composer Sadao Bekku
Label Death Waltz Recording Co.
Properties MatangoToho
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Product information
Edition size 2000
Mastered by Darren Page
Packaging details Single pocket jacket complete with inner flood print and sticker pack
Pressed at GZ
Rpm 33 1/3
Vinyl weight 140 Gram

"Have you ever been walking in a forest and stopped to try some fruit growing on a tree or bush? You may think twice after MATANGO, a tense psychological horror from Ishirō Honda, director of GODZILLA (1954). Released in Japan in 1963 to immediate controversy over the similarity of the makeup effects to the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, MATANGO is about a group of men and women driven to violence and murder after being shipwrecked, only for them to fall victim to the horrifying mutated monsters that inhabit the island they discover.

Released overseas under the titles ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE and FUNGUS OF TERROR, MATANGO's eerie musical score was composed by Japanese classical composer Sadao Bekku and is as hypnotic and surreal as the film's shocking climactic sequences. Bekku's music takes much of its inspiration from jazz, from the irreverence of a cue for the shipwrecking storm to the haunting trumpet that hails the first sight of the desolate island. Much of the score is about form, colour and texture, and it often offers dissonant patches that wind up the tension between the men and women and snakey woodwinds that highlight the insidious nature of the island's true inhabitants. MATANGO is a masterpiece."

-Charlie Brigden


Side A

  1. Main Title
  2. Opening Credits
  3. Sea Breeze
  4. Bad Weather
  5. Dark Clouds
  6. Adrift
  7. The Transistor radio
  8. Illusion
  9. Ukulele
  10. Isolated Island Shrouded in Fog
  11. Fog
  12. Cliff
  13. Shipwreck
  14. Matango
  15. Signal
  16. With Memories

Side B

  1. Mystery of the Deserted Island
  2. Monster
  3. Food
  4. Clustering
  5. Frenzy
  6. Escape
  7. Rainy Season
  8. The Matango Woman
  9. Monsters Forrest
  10. The Remaining two
  11. Testament
  12. Attack
  13. Abduction
  14. Escape
  15. Ending