May - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP

Limited Edition
Distributed title
Composer Jammes Luckett
Artist Earl Kess
Label Terror Vision
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 2000
Liner notes Jammes Luckett and Lucky McKee
Pressed at Kindercore Vinyl
Vinyl color Random Color


A1        Prowler (Film Version)

A2        Autopheresis (Film Version)

A3        Weighting (Instrumental Film Version)

A4        Made To Love You (Film Version)

A5        Frox

B1        Deviation On A Theme Stitch

B2        Deviation On A Theme Kiss

B3        Deviation On A Theme Slumber

B4        Deviation On A Theme Shatter - Featuring – Angela Bettis, Claudia Schwartz

B5        New Year’s Evil

B6        Half-Sick Of Shadows

B7        Deviation On A Theme Construction

C1        Made To Love You (2006 Acoustic Version)

C2        I Saw Him Today (Unreleased Cue)

C3        Especially His Hands (Unreleased Cue)

C4        Son Of A Pitch (2002 Deviation Slumber Remix)

C5        Prowler (2007 Acoustic Bass Version)

C6        Weighting (2002 Backing Track)

C7        Deviation Construction (A Fifth Of Borishansky)

D1        Made To Love You (20th Anniversary Version)

D2        Prowler (20th Anniversary Version)

D3        Weighting (20th Anniversary Version)

D4        Autopheresis (20th Anniversary Version)

D5        Frox (20th Anniversary Version)