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Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One - Original Soundtrack 2XLP


Mondo Music, in partnership with Paramount Pictures is proud to present Lorne Balfe’s score to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - DEAD RECKONING PART ONE, the seventh chapter in actor / producer Tom Cruise’s beloved spy series.

Composer Lorne Balfe
Artist Mo Shafeek
Property Mission: Impossible
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Product information
Liner notes Christopher McQuarrie
Mastered by Rueben Cohen
Pressed at GZ
Rpm 33 1/3
Vinyl color "The Entity" / Black Ice Vinyl

Writer / director Christopher McQuarrie’s continued re-invention of the once amorphous franchise - cleverly recontextualizing disparate tones and themes into a cohesive and satisfying mythology - he has brought back composer Lorne Balfe to do the same. 

Composed over the course of the three years of production, Lorne’s score is nothing short of a miracle. Simultaneously an ode to the legacy of the series at large, while forging forward with the musical motifs begun with his previous chapter, and fan favorite MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT. The music in this series has never sounded bigger.



  1. The Sevastopol (2:07)
  2. The Phantom (3:05)
  3. Collision Alarm (1:31)
  4. A Ghost in the Machine (2:39)
  5. The Sum of Our Choices (1:24)
  6. Dead Reckoning Opening Titles (1:13)
  7. The Entity (3:23)


  1. Your Mission... (2:35)
  2. This Is Not a Drill (2:13)
  3. You Are Dunn (5:55)
  4. Get Out Now (1:57)
  5. A Colourful Past(3:11)
  6. Roman Getaway (2:47)


  1. Hit It (2:11)
  2. He Calls Himself Gabriel (6:23)
  3. You Are Done (3:28)
  4. Chasing Grace (2:51)
  5. I Was Hoping It'd Be You (1:42)
  6. Ponte Dei Conzafelzi (2:19)


  1. Murder and The Orient Express (3:34)
  2. I Missed the Train (3:06)
  3. The Moment of Truth(2:18)
  4. Leap of Faith (1:37)
  5. You Stop the Train (3:48)
  6. Chaos on the Line (2:49)
  7. Curtain Call(1:01)