Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

Composer Michael Giacchino
Artist Mo Shafeek
Label Mondo Music
Property Mission: Impossible
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Product information
Pressed at AtoZ Media

Mondo Music, in partnership with Varèse Sarabande, is proud to present the Michael Giacchino’s masterful score to Brad Bird’s 2012 live-action debut film — the globe-trotting masterpiece MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL. Director Brad Bird brings his animation film acumen to the franchise and delivers some of the most memorable and still talked about set pieces in the franchise history: From Ethan Hunt (Producer and Star Tom Cruise) climbing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, to the precision-timed prison escape in Russia, to the car park mouse trap in India — GHOST PROTOCOL is not only the most fun film of the franchise, but the most worldly — all thanks to the Academy Award®-winning Giacchino, who brings in international choruses and diverse instrumentation for a bombast only equaled by the death-defying set pieces on screen.


Side A
01. Give Her My Budapest 1:56
02. Light The Fuse 2:01
03. Knife To A Gun Fight 3:42
04. In Russia, Phone Dials You 1:40
05. Kremlin With Anticipation 4:12
06. From Russia With Shove 3:37

Side B
07. Ghost Protocol 4:58
08. Railcar Rundown 1:11
09. Hendricks' Manifesto 3:17
10. A Man, A Plan, A Code, Dubai 2:44
11. Love The Glove 3:44
12. The Express Elevator 2:32

Side C
13. Mission Impersonatable 3:55
14. Moreau Trouble Than She's Worth 6:44
15. Out For A Run 3:53
16. Eye Of The Wistrom 1:04
17. Mood India 4:28

Side D
18. Mumbai's The Word 7:14
19. Launch Is On Hendricks 2:22
20. World's Worst Parking Valet 5:03
21. Putting The Miss in Mission 5:19
21. Mission: Impossible Theme (Out With A Bang Version) 0:53