The Nightmare Before Christmas 5-Pin Set (Series 2)


Last October, we released a spine-chilling set of enamel pins for NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS designed by Graham Erwin. We are delighted to present the second set in this series, honoring the six month mark til Halloween (though we wish we could celebrate every day, really) – four brand new enamel pins (and a special freebie with the purchase of a complete set) lovingly illustrated by Erwin, who was born to celebrate this iconic film. 


  • 1.85" high Vampire
  • 1.85" high Harlequin Demon 
  • 1.75" high Lock, Shock, and Barrel
  • 1.46" high Oogie Boogie with 0.5" high creepy crawler spider
  • 1.5" wide Vampire Bat
Artist Graham Erwin
Property Nightmare Before Christmas
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