Le Matos - Ninja Eliminator Trilogy

2008 saw fledgeling filmmakers RKSS release a faux trailer for NINJA ELIMINATOR. It was a love letter to the kung fu flicks of Godfrey Ho they grew up watching, loaded with over-the-top acting, gory DIY effects & crazy vocal dubs. It was a massive hit with festival crowds. A then-unknown LE MATOS provided the score. Inspired by DAFT PUNK, ED BANGER & the whole Frech Techno scene, LE MATOS delivered a driving, pulsating & intense melodic score that helped solidify the blueprint for the singular sound they have today. This EP collects tracks from all three NINJA ELIMINATOR shorts and have been extensively reworked, remixed and remastered for this release.

Composer Le Matos
Artist Donald Caron
Label Death Waltz Originals
Sold Out


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Artwork by Donald Caron. Pressed on 180g golden ninja and purple magic vinyl and housed inside a gatefold sleeve with download card and insert written by Aaron Veling.