No Game No Life - Best Collection 2XLP

This album brings together the best music and songs from this anime, interpreted by the Japanese actresses who dub the series.
Composer Various Artists
Label Microids Records
Property No Game No Life
Sold Out


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Sora and Shiro, brother and sister passionate about video games and incredibly talented, have risen to the rank of urban legends having never been defeated, but in reality, they are just two teenagers out of school who remain cloistered at home. Far from the real world which they consider to be a "rotten game", Teto, a young boy met on the internet, leads our two heroes into a parallel universe where violence is prohibited and where any conflict is settled by a game.


Side A:
  1. Overture 01:42
  2. Prayer 04:38
  3. Yes,my master my lord 04:50
  4. Onegai ☆ Snyaiper 03:28
  5. Light of Hope 03:41
Side B:
  1. ONESELF 04:19
  2. Prayer (Cover) 04:36
  3. This game 04:45
  4. THERE IS A REASON 04:52