Nostalgia Confessions by Mr Eff LP

Distributed title
Composer Mr Eff
Artist Kid Ethic
Labels Burning Witches Records
Sold Out


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Mr Eff returns on BWR with his newest release, the heavy and atmospheric Nostalgia Confessions.
Mr Eff looks inward and makes a work filled with big questions and existential pondering. It’s an album built on emotional heaviness, the need to not obsess over the past, while still being very much concerned about the future.
While still retaining the movement and rhythm of Eyes Down, Nostalgia Confessions feels very much locked into a more singular vision; a personal, internal monologue about letting go of the past so we can figure out what’s waiting in the future. Or at the very least, freeing some space in our head so that we can ponder what to do with the time left.
It’s an album of electronic tomes dedicated to making sense of a world seemingly falling apart in front of our eyes.