Only Lovers Left Alive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Distributed title

Composer SQÜRL & Jozef Van Wissem
Label Sacred Bones Records
Property Only Lovers Left Alive
Sold Out


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Product information
Vinyl color Clear w/ Red Splatter Vinyl

Director Jim Jarmusch, along with his band Squrl recorded the soundtrack to Only Lovers Left Alive, and it's safe to say it's an absolute masterpiece. The songs are soaked in reverb & feedback, recalling Phil Spector's wall of sound at its most intense (check out that cover of Funnel Of Love - incredible). The score elements are moody and evocative, and the whole record is transcendent and beautiful. 


1. Streets Of Detroit (0:37)

2. Funnel Of Love (3:41)

3. Sola Gratia (Pt. 1) (3:26)

4. The Taste Of Blood (5:50)

5. Diamond Star (1:15)

6. Please Feel Free To Piss In The Gard (4:21)

7. Spooky Action At A Distance (3:35)

8. Streets of Tangier (1:37)

9. In Templum Dei (2:58)

10. Sola Gratia (Pt. 2) (5:10)

11. Our Hearts Condemn Us (4:36)

12. Hal (4:30)

13. Only Lovers Left Alive (3:32)

14. This Is Your Wilderness (3:52)