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Out Of Time LP by Giants Of Discovery

Distributed title
Composer Giants Of Discovery
Artist Eric Adrian Lee
Label Library of the Occult
Sold Out


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Product information
Packaging details Gatefold sleeve
Vinyl color Green Marble Vinyl
Vinyl weight 180 Gram

The story focuses on Lord Ashton, a practitioner of the dark arts in Victorian England, as he races against the clock to commit to paper the events that unfolded some 50 years previous in the basement of his Manor house in the English countryside. The storm rages outside as time inexorably races to midnight on New Year's Eve, and something not of this world moves ever closer...

All music composed and played by Kevin Downey

Produced by Kevin Downey

Story on Track 2 written by Kevin Downey

Narration on Track 2 by Andrew Piper (


1. Prologue - Opening Of The Gate 06:43

2. Main Act - Out of Time 14:15

3. Epilogue i - A Page of Madness 15:26

4. Epilogue ii - After The Storm 04:03