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Over The Garden Wall – Original Soundtrack LP


Mondo is proud to present the premiere release of the masterful soundtrack to Cartoon Network's first ever animated mini-series, Over The Garden Wall.

Composer The Blasting Company
Artist Sam Wolfe Connelly
Label Mondo Music
Property Over the Garden Wall
Sold Out


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Product information
Rpm 33 1/3
Vinyl color Autumn Leaves Colored Vinyl
Vinyl weight 140 Gram

Composed and performed by The Blasting Company (Brandon Armstrong, Joshua Kaufman, Justin Rubenstein), Over The Garden Wall is a one of a kind experience. Created by Patrick McHale, it tells the story of two brothers named Wirt and Greggory (voiced by Elijah Wood & Collin Dean) on a mysterious Dante-esque journey home through a world known only as "The Unknown": a place filled with colorful characters and incredible musical interludes, all of which are captured on this comprehensive soundtrack release.

Produced by the composers themselves, this album features 32 tracks, a mix of song and score from the mini-series. Pressed on 140 Gram Vinyl, featuring original artwork by Sam Wolf Connelly, and a 20 page booklet featuring lyrics from every song, as well as sheet music, so you can play along! This release is essential for fans of the show... and that's a Rock Fact!


  1. Prelude
  2. Into The Unknown
  3. You Have Beautiful Eyes
  4. Pottsfield CM
  5. Patient Is The Night
  6. Adelaide Parade
  7. Money For School
  8. Ms. Langtree's Lament
  9. Potatoes & Molasses
  10. Off to Bed
  11. The Beast Is Out There
  12. The Highwayman
  13. A Courting Song
  14. Endicott Manor
  15. The Journey Begins
  16. Half Moon River
  17. McLaughlin Bros Jug Band
  18. Over The Garden Wall
  19. Send Me A Peach
  20. Adelaide's Trap
  21. Like Ships
  22. More Bones To Sort
  23. Old North Wind
  24. Forward, Oneiroi
  25. The Fight Is Over
  26. Tiny Star
  27. Old Black Train
  28. The Old Mill
  29. Come Wayward Souls
  30. Potatus et Molassus
  31. One Is A Bird
  32. Black Train & End Credits