Phantasy Star III - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

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Genesis follow-up to the previous year’s Phantasy Star II was met with critical and audience acclaim - as is tradition - upon its release and continues the brilliant Phantasy Star legacy Sega created back in 1987.

Composer Izuho Takeuchi
Label Ship to Shore PhonoCo.
Property Phantasy Star
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Product information
Bonus material 8-page booklet
Liner notes Jeremy Parish
Vinyl color Clear Vinyl

Sega brought in composer Izuho Takeuchi to compliment the new gameplay with a fresh flavour of music, ushering in a more playful refrain yet tinged with dark gothic fantasy motifs. It’s a melodic treat for the ears that’s unlike anything from the previous games in the franchise and is not one to be missed by fans!

Includes an 8-page booklet featuring new liner notes from Retronauts’ Jeremy Parish and rare original artwork from the Sega archives, secure your copy today to avoid disappointment!


Side A

  1. Opening Theme
  2. Shop
  3. Town
  4. Royal Waltz
  5. Wedding
  6. Abduction
  7. Dungeon + Variation
  8. World Map
  9. Battle Starts
  10. Battle (Normal)
  11. Battle (Losing)
  12. Battle (Winning)
  13. Battle Won
  14. Boat Ride
  15. Shusoran
  16. Hospital
  17. Fortune Teller

Side B

  1. Satelite
  2. Dead World Map
  3. Wren Transformations
  4. Laya's World
  5. Laya's Temple
  6. Skyhaven
  7. Lashute
  8. Dark Force
  9. Megido
  10. Ending Theme (Aron & Crys)
  11. Ending Theme (Sean & Adan)
  12. Staff Roll
  13. Game Over