POLYBIUS LP by Sinneslochen Inc

Limited Edition
Distributed title
Composer Sinneslochen Inc
Artist Pete Lloyd
Label Burning Witches Records
Sold Out


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Product information
Mastered by BurningTapes
Vinyl color Turquoise Vinyl

original un-cut version

Restored from digital tape archives by Deadly Avenger. 

1981, Portland Oregon

A small town arcade takes delivery of a new game, Polybius. Released onto an un-suspecting youth, the game delivers both excitement and intrigue with multiple levels of mind bending puzzles. Popularity reaches fever pitch, with queues of people fighting over who plays next.

One month after its release, Polybius disappears without trace.

Stories begin to emerge of players experiencing psychoactive side effects ranging from seizures to insomnia, night terrors to hallucinations. Late night visits from alleged government officials are reported throughout the town, and as local gossip and tension begins to spread, a name is heard time and time again….

Sinnesloschen Inc.