Possessor Poster


The second feature from Brandon Cronenberg, POSSESSOR follows the story of Tasya Vos, an elite and deadly corporate assassin who uses classified technology to enter others' minds and bodies in order to carry out brutal murders. Cronenberg's film is visceral and completely unyielding. We're thrilled to join forces with one of the greatest movie poster designers working today: Akiko Stehrenberger. Akiko's art is brilliantly arresting, and her work on this poster is no exception.

Artist Akiko Stehrenberger
Property Possessor
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Product information
Edition size 175
Height 36"
Material Screenprint
Printer DL Screenprinting
Width 24"

Throughout the sci-fi psychological thriller, we follow Tasya as she disintegrates both physically and emotionally while struggling with the duality between her dangerous work (as an undercover agent) and her family. I chose a modern spin on pointillism to best illustrate the main themes I took away from the film.The film is done quite artistically, unlike most sci-fi thrillers, so I thought having a more hand done approach might give it that grit and rawness that is also prevalent in the film. -- Akiko Stehrenberger

Possessor Poster