Project Blue - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

Distributed title
Composer toggle switch
Artist M-Tee
Label Ship to Shore PhonoCo.
Sold Out


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Product information
Pressed at GZ Media
Rpm 33 ⅓
Vinyl color Blue Vinyl

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original video game soundtrack for PROJECT BLUE, composed by acclaimed chiptune artist toggle switch. Earlier this year, 744 Kickstarter backers pledged over $40,000 to bring this new Nintendo Entertainment System game to life. Extra cartridge memory was allotted for the soundtrack, which is a whopping 25 minutes without looping.

Chilling and atmospheric, toggle switch’s OST puts listeners right into the thick of a post-Apocalyptic Hong Kong. Moody, creepy and full of surprises, this is a soundtrack game music fans won’t want to miss.


Side A
1. Project Blue Theme
2. Subject B
3. Theta Lab
4. Assembly Line
5. Escape from New Corp
6. Rooftop Blues
7. Enter the Dezone
8. Wasteland Parkour
9. March of the Robots
10. Boss Music
11. Kill Boss

Side B
1. Underworld
2. Sinking Feeling
3. Subterranean
4. Sewer Blues
5. Break and Enter
6. Omnicorp Theme
7. Neo Hong Kong
8. Continue
9. Win Game