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Psychos In Love - Original Soundtrack LP

Distributed title
Composer Carmine Capobianco
Artist Garreth Gibson
Label Enjoy The Ride Records
Property Psychos In Love
Sold Out


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Product information
Liner notes Gorman Bechard
Packaging details 350gsm jacket
Vinyl color Newspaper Swirl with Blood Splatter (Black & White Swirl with Red Splatter)
Vinyl weight 140 Gram

Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with What Were We Thinking Films, Inc proudly presents Psychos In Love Original Soundtrack. This is the first time the full soundtrack has been available on any format, featuring music by the late Carmine Capobianco, who also co-wrote the film and played the lead role.

Joe (Carmine Capobianco) runs a strip club and Kate (Debi Thibeault) is an attractive young manicurist. After bonding over their mutual dislike of grapes, they discover another commonality: both of them are bloodthirsty serial killers. As they begin to balance their obsession with murder and each other, they meet Herman (Frank Stewart), a cannibal who, upon discovering their bloodlust, attempts to lure them into killing as a means to satisfy his craving for human flesh Bloody and hilarious, Gorman Bechard's Psychos In Love is an absurd, home grown horror-comedy, which alternates between gratuitous killing scenes and self-aware parody of romantic comedies.


1. Psychos In Love (Theme)

2. Unstable (Dialogue)

3. Movie Trailer (With Intro)

4. Bar #1 (Electro)

5. Making of Une

6. Making of Deux

7. VHS Store (Dialogue)

8. Photo Gallery #3

9. Poison

10. Photo Gallery #1

11. Bar #2 (Funk)

12. Wedding

13. Photo Gallery #2

Bonus Tracks

14. Psychos In Love Theme (Alternative Audio Version)

15. Piano Bar 

16. Hate Grapes

17. Bar Rock

18. Finger Food

19. Cooking

20. Shower

21. Laugh