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“I was tasked to come up with a sleeve design to house all the homeless records Mondo and Death Waltz accumulate; stuff like test pressings, returned items or records with damaged sleeves etc. As inspiration for a fun design, I decided to treat the vinyl record itself — made of PVC — as a hazardous material and designed a Containment Unit to house it: the official Mondo / Death Waltz PolyVinyl Chloride Contamination Shield. 

The MDWPVCCS is a companion piece to that packaging and will protect your turntable from contamination through direct contact with those nasty PolyVinyl Chloride discs. The design includes a lot of technical info on vinyl production; graphs, charts, molecular mass, magnetic susceptibility and a whole lot of other stuff that I don’t understand. Also comes with a handy first aid chart should ingestion occur*. 
*Do not eat, drink or smoke vinyl.” - Alan Hynes

Artist Alan Hynes
Sold Out


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