Return of the Living Dead Poster


As any fan of 20th century terror will tell you, one film stands tall as the ultimate chronicle of the centuries-long war between punks and zombies: THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. Written and directed by Alien and Total Recall scripter Dan O'Bannon, ROTLD is attached to George Romero's iconic zombie series in name only... and packed with 9001 times more mayhem, mirth and mohawks. It's a major rager from every angle, all of which are captured perfectly here in 100% Soft's unique, adorably vicious style.

"In the Venn diagram of punk rock and horror movies, the reigning champion is always and forever THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. It's irreverent, gory, hilarious and I was in love with it since the first time I saw it on USA Up All Night in the '80s. I wanted to make a poster that conveyed how much fun the movie is, and make it as cute and gory as possible. You think this is a fuckin' poster? This is a way of life!" - Truck Torrence, 100% Soft

Artist 100% Soft
Property Return of the Living Dead
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 275
Height 24"
Printer DL Screenprinting
Print type Screenprint
Width 36"