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Robinson Crusoe On Mars – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP


Mondo is pleased to present the soundtrack to the science fiction cult classic Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), for the first time ever on vinyl. Over 50 years before Matt Damon was labeled 'The Martian,' there was the story of lone astronaut Christopher "Kit" Draper and his struggle to survive on the red planet after being marooned by his ship's near miss with a meteor.

For a significant portion of the film - as Kit explores the terrain with no other life to communicate with (except for his monkey, Mona) – Nathan Van Cleave's music takes center stage. Van Cleave's themes are simultaneously foreboding and triumphant. Only a few short years before Planet of the Apes took science fiction to its inevitable dystopian ends, the soundtrack to Robinson Crusoe on Mars is a pure patriotic time capsule; the sounds of a retro-future when science fiction films were still produced with true optimistic sincerity.

Featuring original artwork by We Buy Your Kids, and pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl Translucent Red & Blue Vinyl (limited to 1000 copies) or Black Vinyl.


Composer Van Cleave
Artist We Buy Your Kids
Label Mondo Music
Sold Out


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Side A

01. Seal and Main Title (1:00)

02. Fires Of Mars (1:03)

03. False Alarm (1:03)

04. Martian Night (0:52)

05. Search For Shelter (5:09)

06. Search For Partner (4:08)

07. Enter Mona (0:32)

Side B
08. Homeward Treck / Return To The Cave (3:10)

09. Alarm Clock (0:25)

10. Alone On Mars / The Flutestone (1:31)

11. Dinner For Two (1:22)

12. Water (1:08)

13. Lonely Lights (1:38)

14. My Echo, My Monkey and Me (0:44)

15. Martian Matzo Balls / The Dream (3:30)

16. Strange Grave (1:36)

Side C
17. Enter Friday (1:23)

18. Guest In The Cave (1:23)

19. And So To Bed (3:07)

20. Language Lesson (1:07)

21. Search For Partner (Excerpt) / Pit Of Death (2:15)

22. Ask Them / Storm's Aftermath (4:47)

23. The Attack (2:42)

Side D
24. Along The Ledge (0:35)

25. On To The Ice Cap / Friday's Sacrifice (3:57)

26. Water Hazard (0:58)

27. Snow Storm (1:53)

28. Finale / End Title (4:08)

29. Selection For Tape Recorder (1:13)

30. Bagpipe No. 1, 2, and 3 (0:58)

31. Organ – 23rd Psalm (0:29)