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Shaun of the Dead - Original Score LP


Mondo and Back Lot Music are proud to present the premiere release of Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead’s score to the Edgar Wright’s brilliant, genre defining Rom-Zom-Com: SHAUN OF THE DEAD

While aware that they were working on a comedy, composers Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead wanted to make a score that was deadly serious and let the comedy do its won thing. In doing so they crafted a score that fits in perfectly along side the great horror scores that inspired it.

Featuring artwork by Jock, and complete with liner notes by Edgar Wright and composers Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead, this premiere release is a must for fans of the film and of horror soundtracks.

You’ve got red on you…

Composers Daniel MudfordPete Woodhead
Artist Jock
Label Mondo Music
Property Shaun of the Dead
Sold Out


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