Smile - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP

Limited Edition
Limited numbered edition of 1000 copies
Composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer
Artists Ava TobinMatt Ryan Tobin
Label Death Waltz Recording Co.
Property Smile
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Product information
Edition size 1000
Mastered by Darren Page
Packaging details Single pocket die cut jacket featuring two printed inner sleeves.
Pressed at GZ
Rpm 33 1/3
Vinyl color Pearly White
Vinyl weight 140 Gram

Are you ready to smile? A terrifying fate awaits a lone doctor in SMILE, a new horror picture from director Parker Finn that promises to make you lock your teeth together in terror. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon, SCREAM: THE TV SERIES) stars as a psychiatrist who is shocked when a patient commits suicide in front of her. Haunted by the incident, she begins to experience startling and horrific occurrences that she cannot explain. She soon discovers that the only way to save herself may be to delve into her traumatic past. But how do you defeat something that others say doesn't exist? SMILE is graced with a unique and terrifying score by Chilean-Canadian composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer (UTOPIA, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS), who brings his acclaimed mysterious and otherworldly style to provide a fearsome musical underscore for Rose's frightening journey. The score is full of dreamy synth tones and ethereal drones, lulling you into a false sense of security before unleashing a wall of piercing metallic tones stabbing your eardrums and psyche. Vibrating and rumbling whalesong-like colours make you feel that you're being dragged onto a new plane of existence, and all you can do is ride the wave - and remember to SMILE. (Charlie Brigden) 


1. Trauma Loop (1:52)
2. Believe (2:11)
3. Laura Smile (2:02)
4. Crazy (1:28)
5. She’s Gonna Die (0:57)
6. Anxiety (2:09)
7. The Call (0:56)
8. Mustache (1:10)
9. Waveform (0:36)
10. Pimped Up (1:00)
11. Happy Birthday (0:31)
12. Baby Rose (0:30)
13. Pain Tool (0:48)
14. Alone (1:03)
15. They’re Real (2:46)
16. Weird Coincidence (2:42)
17. Sister (1:07)
18. Doing to Themselves (1:01)
19. Prison (1:31)
20. Out of His Fucking Mind (2:00)
21. Wrong Approach (0:31)
22. Almost Time (1:34)
23. Calm Down (1:32)
24. Pass It On (0:38)
25. Need to Be Alone (0:24)
26. Drive (2:45)
27. Help (1:35)
28. Arming Up (0:58)
29. Talk to Mommy (4:30)
30. You Can’t Escape Your Own Mind (1:17)
31. Burning Home (1:15)
32. With You Forever (0:53)
33. Open Up (1:42)
34. Smile! (0:44)