Snake's Revenge - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

Limited Edition

Mondo is proud to present a limited edition vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to the black sheep of the Metal Gear series: the unofficial sequel Snake's Revenge (Metal Gear II) - Limited to 1,000 copies.

The North American and European version of Metal Gear was developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System hardware without original creator Hideo Kojima, varying from the original story and gameplay to best suit the different hardware. Similarly, the quickly developed sequel Snake's Revenge is a time-capsule of the gaming industry of the 80's - a successful and fairly popular game at the time that is now retroactively  considered unofficial, and stricken from the canon. 

Artist Oliver Barrett
Property Metal Gear
Sold Out


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The soundtrack to Snake's Revenge is great on its own, completely different from what would later be released as the official sequel - Metal Gear II: Solid Snake. It feels like a true "What If" scenario that global audiences have been able to archive, not too far off from the two versions of Super Mario Bros. 2. And while the North American SMB2 has plenty of defenders and fans, we are here to celebrate the black sheep of the Metal Gear series with a limited edition Vinyl pressing.


Side A

1. Metal Gear 1

2. Operation 747

3. Jungle

4. J.T. Captured

5. Enemy's Base

6. Underground Corridor

7. Boss

8. Hurry Up!

9. Metal Gear Destroyed

Side B

1. Urban Warfare

2. Transport Train

3. Main Base

4. Detected

5. Big Boss

6. Go To The Secret Plant

7. Metal Gear 2

8. Password

9. End Credits

10. Operation Failed