Southbound – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP


Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to be once again taking you down the oft-trodden path of horror on the highway with the score to the terrifying 2016 anthology SOUTHBOUND, as composed by The Gifted (aka Louis Castle and James Bairian). The film is is a fresh take on the classic portmanteau horror film, featuring several chilling short stories,one features mysterious creatures (“The Way In”/”The Way Out”), another tells of a nightmarish encounter with a strange couple (“Siren”), while ‘The Accident” is set in an abandoned medical facility (“The Accident”), and a “Jailbreak” concerns an heroic rescue that is certainly not what it seems, each scary segment pulling together to create a whole, a diabolical trip through purgatory.

Unto this The Gifted bring a variety of styles, beginning with a familiar thick and bristly synth over a high keyboard line to create the main title theme. There's a haunting, echoing organ melody that chills the bones as part of “Siren”, the thumping heartbeat that roams “The Accident”, and the jagged and biting edges of “The Way Out”. “Jailbreak” hosts some incredibly oppressive and foreboding licks, while “The Way In” drives forward with a seriously fresh John Carpenter melody, finishing with the greatest 80's throwback tune this side of Power Glove. It’s immediate, fresh and full of analog dread. For a musical experience like this, you only need to do one thing: Head SOUTHBOUND.

One off pressing of 500 units on sand colored vinyl with solid black color in color.

Composer The Gifted
Artist Matt Ryan Tobin
Property Southbound
Sold Out


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Side A

01 Southbound
02 Come Again Soon
03 Face The Inevitable
04 Stranded
05 Sickness
06 False Hope
07 Do You Want To Save Her

Side B

08 Deserve Is A Tough Word
09 Keep Driving
10 Jailbreak
11 The Way In
12 Infestation
13 Terminal Ferocity