Star Stories LP

Limited Edition
Distributed title
AJ DiSpirito's soft, whimsical tribute to Super Mario Galaxy is now making its way to a star system near you! Experience melodies from one of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time in its wistfully magical glory.
Composers AJ DiSpiritoKoji KondoMahito Yokota
Artist Annie Startseva
Label Mana Wave Media
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 500
Mastered by Parker Abegg
Rpm 45
Vinyl color Color Spatter on Milky Clear Base


Side A

  1. Beyond the Galaxy
  2. Observe the Stars
  3. Good Egg
  4. Stardust Road
  5. Space Fantasy
  6. Freezeflame
  7. Floater Land (Buoy Base Galaxy)

Side B

  1. Storybook Suite
  2. Star Festival
  3. Rosalina's Observatory
  4. Wind Garden (Gusty Garden Galaxy)
  5. Heaven's Door (Gateway Galaxy)