Stoner Parking Lot Game

"A silly, crazy, joyful game. Do you have to have Stoner Parking Lot in your collection? It'd be a lot cooler if you did." – ThereWillBe.Games
From Forever Stoked Creative & Mondo Games, Stoner Parking Lot is a card game for 3-7 buds where your team conspires to sneak out of a show for a little bit of the puff-puff-pastime without alerting all the other stoners who’re looking for a taste.
To accomplish this mighty feat, both you and your partner have to first collect the essentials – weed (naturally), a mixtape, your trusty bong, a lighter, a six-pack, and – of course – pizza. When you’ve collected all six cards, you’ve got to communicate with your bud using only the slyest of visual signals. If the other team catches you, they'll want to join – but you only have enough weed for you and your bud.
Watch Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, Doug Loves Movies host Doug Benson, and friends demonstrate how to play.
Designers Forever Stoked CreativeMondo Games
Artists Arik RoperChris Bilheimer
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Product information
Age rating 18+
Game type Party Game, Card Game, Set Collection
Players 3 to 7
Playing time 15 Minutes

Featuring illustrations by Arik Roper, cover artist of the iconic stoner metal album “Dopesmoker” by Sleep, Stoner Parking Lot is designed for either in-person or video-chat play.

Product includes

  • Custom Tin Stash-Box
  • 54 Cards
  • 7 Guitar Picks
  • Rulebook
Stoner Parking Lot Game
Stoner Parking Lot Game
Stoner Parking Lot Game