Suburban Annihilation - The California Hardcore Explosion / From The City To The Beach: 1978-1983 - Deluxe 2xLP

Limited Edition
Distributed title

Limited edition MONDO exclusive featuring an exclusive sleeve design and 'American Damage Colored Vinyl' featuring a tracklist co-curated by Henry Rollins. 

Label Futurismo
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Product information
Edition size 1000
Liner notes by Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records
Packaging details MONDO exclusive Sleeve Design

This aggressive collection draws from California’s rich history of punk, more specifically hardcore: a new sound that eschewed melody for intensity, a sound that took punk harder and faster, a sound intrinsically American. Whilst hardcore was also burning over on the East Coast, it was in California that it had ignited and sprawled, a sonic punch in the face that raged socio-political disdain and total abandonment for commercialism, fueled by a crumbling American Dream and the collapse of family values.

Suburban Annihilation takes you from the major cities, to the coastal towns, to the SoCal suburbs, showcasing some the most important bands of the West Coast. Blasting off with the Adolescents ‘I Hate Children’, it heads from the year zero of Middle Class’s ‘Out Of Vogue’ to the surf punk of Agent Orange’s ‘Bloodstains’, from the blues tinged outlaw of The Gun Club’s ‘She’s Like Heroin to Me’ to the classic anti-anthems: ‘Live Fast Die Young’ by the Circle Jerks, lifted from their seminal Group Sex album, and the hardcore staple ‘California Über Alles’ by the Dead Kennedys. Also present are so many other bands integral to the era: T.S.O.L, Wasted Youth, Germs, Social Distortion, Suicidal Tendencies, Negative Trend, Flipper and many more.

Though the music was designed to repel, this historical document has been lovingly designed to remind us that this genre created some of the most immediate and acutely-realised music ever produced. Making this collection of choice cuts essential for long-time fans of hardcore and punk, just as those new and inquisitive about one of the most angry and pissed off genres to have given birth in America.

Product includes

  • Limited edition MONDO exclusive 2xLP AMERICAN DAMAGE COLOURED VINYL'
  • MONDO exclusive Sleeve Design
  • Tracklist co-curated by Henry Rollins

  • Liner notes by Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records

  • Bio by author/journalist Benjamin Myers

  • Booklet featuring the images of legendary

    punk photographer Edward Colver  


  1. ADOLESCENTS I Hate Children
  2. MIDDLE CLASS Out Of Vogue
  3. AGENT ORANGE Bloodstains
  4. DEAD KENNEDYS Chemical Warfare
  5. SIMPLETONES I Like Drugs
  7. T.S.O.L. Abolish Government/Silent Majority
  8. CIRCLE JERKS Beverly Hills
  9. WASTED YOUTH Fuck Authority
  10. THE GUN CLUB She’s Like Heroin To Me
  11. REDD KROSS Burn Out
  12. CHINA WHITE Live In Your Eyes
  13. CIRCLE JERKS Live Fast Die Young
  14. NEGATIVE TREND How Ya Feeling?
  15. EDDIE AND THE SUBTITLES American Society
  16. CHANNEL 3 Manzanar
  17. FLIPPER Ha Ha Ha
  18. RIKK AGNEW O.C. Life
  20. DEAD KENNEDYS California Über Alles
  21. SHATTERED FAITH I Love America
  22. THE WEIRDOS Helium Bar
  23. MIDDLE CLASS Insurgence
  24. GERMS Communist Eyes
  25. ADOLESCENTS Kids Of The Black Hole