Tales from the Library of the Occult presents CRUST LP

Distributed title
Composer Blood & Dust
Label Library of the Occult
Sold Out


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Product information
Packaging details Gatefold sleeve with foil printed text and a matte finish.
Vinyl color Green Marble Vinyl
Vinyl weight 180 Gram

June 1976.

England is scorched by the hottest, driest summer in two-hundred and fifty years. In Greenwood, a prehistoric peat bog known as Andertons Moss is drying out. Decades earlier, a naked body was found in its waters. Archaeological consensus suggests that the Moss Man - his leathered remains now kept on display at Manchester Museum - was a victim of ritual sacrifice, but not everyone agrees. Now, as the sun beats down, the time to find answers is running out. But could what lurks beneath the black, still waters be even worse than anyone imagined?

Music by Blood & Dust

Narration by Peter Baker

Story by John Reppion