The Battery - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Distributed title
Original soundtrack to the 2012 film, The Battery, presented by Scare Flair Records.
Composer Ryan Winford
Label Scare Flair Records
Property The Battery
Sold Out


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Product information
Vinyl color Green and Yellow Ghostly Vinyl
Vinyl weight 140 Gram

Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim) are two former baseball players traveling through the rural back roads of Connecticut to avoid the hordes of the undead that now inhabit the major cities. While Ben seems to embrace the new lifestyle, Mickey's having problems adapting to the constant horrors and dangerous living conditions on the road. Although they heavily rely on each other for survival, they are slowly starting to drive each other crazy. When they overhear a transmission of two other survivors talking about a protected community, they go searching for it, despite being told that they are not welcome.

The Battery was filmed in just 15 days on a budget of $6,000. The film went on to win awards at many film festivals all over the world, including winning audience awards at several of these events. It was even nominated for a Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Limited Release / Direct-to-Video Film in 2015. Scream Factory released a blu-ray of the film to its extensive horror film library in 2014.