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The Best Lookin' Man In Comedy LP by Fancy Ray McCloney

Distributed title
Label Stand Up! Records
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Product information
Vinyl color Milk Chocolate Vinyl

Fancy Ray McCloney is the bard of the North Star State, the only man who can make a Minneapolis crowd sound like a night at the Apollo, the high-camp star who rewrote the alphabet and lost the governorship to Jesse Ventura—proving to all that, if you’re not backing Fancy Ray, you’re settling for second-best. With an unmistakable voice and unshakeable confidence, this thirty-year comedy veteran’s favorite topic is the legend of Fancy Ray (as it should be). He can handle a crowd, he can palm you a callback, he can steal your girl then get your number on the way out. Fancy Ray has all the gender-bending radiance of Little Richard, the beauty and bite of Muhammad Ali, the magnetic sexuality of Prince, the peerless self-esteem of Lizzo, the crowd-control of James Brown, the swagger of Morris Day, the wit of Richard Pryor, the cadence of a young Chris Rock, and the amped-up energy of a pitchman whose favorite product is always himself. The best-looking man in comedy’s first stand up record? All we can say is my, my, my.