The Bounty TIMED EDITION Print


Together with Acme Archives, we teamed up with Rory Kurtz on a new poster titled "The Bounty." Rory has beautifully brought life to one of THE MANDALORIAN's most captivating character additions to STAR WARS lore.


Hand-numbered timed edition 8"x10" giclée print. Signed by Rory Kurtz.

Artist Rory Kurtz
Properties Star WarsThe Mandalorian
Sold Out


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Product information
Height 10"
Printer Static Medium
Print type Giclée
Width 8"

“I can’t say exactly when my feelings toward The Child turned from hesitant curiosity, to full on fan obsession. I had started this small original drawing for the sheer fun of it, just two or three episodes into THE MANDALORIAN, and before even finishing it, I was just as ecstatic for The Child as everyone else seemed to be. Something about the child’s original trilogy design, and live real world puppeteering just brings so much more to the character than another forgettable cgi creation. That, and the certain mysterious understanding in it’s giant glassy eyes. The entire series is such a great addition to STAR WARS canon, and season two can’t come soon enough.” -Rory Kurtz