The Guest – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP


Death Waltz Recording Company has yet another ace up our sleeve with the soundtrack to one of 2014's best action films, Adam Wingard’s THE GUEST, with a musical score by Steve Moore.

Just like the film is a homage to 80's thrillers like THE TERMINATOR, Steve Moore’s score belongs in another time, another place. Homaging rather than emulating, the music feels not only absolutely authentic but also fits the film like a glove. Great synth melodies are plentiful, the electronics swell with mystery and intrigue, and the sense of the robotic electro music has is perfect for the character of David. It’s an intense journey but not one without reward – don’t be afraid to let THE GUEST into your home and onto your turntable.

Composed and Produced by Steve Moore. Pressed on Black Vinyl. Previously available on Pink Vinyl (SOLD OUT)

Composer Steve Moore
Artist Alan Hynes
Property The Guest
Sold Out
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Critically acclaimed, the “guest” in question is David, a young man who lands on the doorstep of the Peterson family claiming to be a comrade of their son, who was killed while on tour in Afghanistan. But while David appears to a model citizen, the family daughter discovers several clues that make her wonder “Just who is this man?”


01. Title (0:17)
02. David (2:00)
03. Some Gave All (0:58)
04. The Guest (1:43)
05. After School (2:34)
06. Bar Fight (1:30)
07. Day Break (0:16)
08. KPG / The Deal, Part 1 (3:14)
09. The Deal, Part 2 / Grenades (0:48)
10. The Guest Stalks (0:21)
11. Good Luck / Anna & Luke (2:13)
12. An Interesting Theory (2:06)
13. Carver Arrives (0:46)
14. Standoff / Too Many Complications / The Guest Escapes (4:40)
15. He's Not Who You Think He Is / The Diner (2:32)
16. Back To School (1:01)
17. Atmospheres 1 (Bonus) (4:56)
18. Atmospheres 2 (Bonus) (2:40)
19. Unused Chase Theme (Bonus) (4:16)

The Guest – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
The Guest – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
The Guest – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
The Guest – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP