The Monster Squad 7-Inch Single (Frankenstein)

The Monster Squad 7-Inch Single (Frankenstein)
Rock until you drop , dance until your heart stops!

Mondo is delighted to bring you, for the first time ever on vinyl, two completely iconic songs from The Monster Squad, Fred Dekker's much loved 80’s monster mash up featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the Creature, battling a bunch kids from their treehouse base. Written by Shane Black, featuring dialogue that is whip smart with a nonstop fun story, it’s hard to imagine anyone not outright loving The Monster Squad.

Side A is Michael Sembello’s total ear worm of a theme tune, which is so 80’s we are not held responsible for any uncontrolled dancing during school detention that takes place during listening. Side B is the all time classic Monster Squad Rap, with rhymes so fierce it had Run DMC running for the back door.

A) Rock Until You Drop performed by Michael Sembello
B) Monster Squad Rap performed by The Monster Squad
Composer Various Artists
Artist Jason Edmiston
Property The Monster Squad
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