The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book


This dazzling volume of digital worship celebrates the true golden age of 16-bit gaming on Nintendo’s peerless '90s home console. The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book features in-depth articles detailing the major genres of the SNES megaverse. These are illustrated by tens of thousands (!!!) of screenshots taken specifically for this volume, including sprawling montages and head-spinning level maps.

So whether it’s a colossal spaceship, multi-screen boss monster, towering fortress, or a comprehensive level overview, you can enter the worlds of your favorite games in unprecedented ways. Featured here is a huge number of titles, from obscure oddities to the supreme classics, including Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, Super Castlevania IV, Axelay, Chrono Trigger and a bazillion others — all beautifully presented and immortalized.

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Product information
Book format Hardcover
Pages 272
Publisher Bitmap Books
The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book
The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book

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