The Wizard of Oz - Poster


Is there a more truly timeless film than Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Technicolor triumph, THE WIZARD OF OZ? Directed by Victor Fleming – who ducked out of the Emerald City a little early to oversee GONE WITH THE WIND – the film's beauty, craft, and songs have delighted generations of children and adults, with endless more to come.

That's why we’re excited to contribute to that legacy with a beautiful new poster by artist Paul Blow.

“As someone who lives in a Judy Garland museum, I felt obligated to comment on Paul Blow’s wonderful work.

I adore this poster. Personally, it sums up my experience with small towns. I came from some places where ruby slippers attracted howls or sometimes rocks. What are ruby slippers in this tired metaphor? Whatever way you express yourself that attracts howls and rocks. I had the opportunity later in life to stumble into a city where the streets sparkled incarnadine with the number of ruby slippers trodding upon them. It was a relief.

I think about my home town quite a bit as it usually finds a way of making the news in some awful way. I miss it, I miss a lot about it, mostly people and the food. However, I’m still watching from a distance while wearing my ruby slippers.

I write that as it will break my heart if someone points out Dorothy doesn’t have the slippers yet at this point in the film. She had them on the whole time.” - Rob Jones

Artist Paul Blow
Property The Wizard Of Oz
Sold Out


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Product information
Dimensions 24" x 36"
Edition size 250
Printer DL Screenprinting
Print type Screenprint