The Wretched - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Distributed title
Composer Devin Burrows
Label Ship to Shore PhonoCo.
Property The Wretched
Sold Out


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Product information
Rpm 33 ⅓
Vinyl color Black Vinyl

A troubled teenager discovers that an ancient evil has disguised itself as his neighbor and has started to prey on the local children in the Pierce Brothers' The Wretched. A critical success on the festival scene, The Wretched has all the crunchy grime, practical FX and witchcraftian shocks one would expect for a dark, modern folk horror and naturally it has a soundtrack to match. Composer Devin Burrows evokes the acoustic movements of the forest-dwelling "dark mother" - a sound mix of bestial growls and the snap & crack of physical distortion while wet earth slurps - with nerve-shredding violin strings and dark ambience. In the meantime Burrows brings panic to the forefront of his score for the more thrilling scenes where nuance takes a back seat to full-on terror.


Side A
1. Something in the Basement
2. The Road to Amity Marina
3. Woods
4. The Wretched Appears
5. I Don't Have a Son
6. Twigs
7. Morning Cartoons
8. Enveloped by the Woods
9. Alone with Mom
10. Don't Let Her In
11. Something Under the Porch
12. Watching Netflix
13. Witchipedia
14. Honey... Beer?
15. Missing Picture, Broken Picture
16. Eva Ernst is in My Fruit Cellar

Side B
1. Wretched Revelation
2. We're Going to Get You Some Help
3. Put One in His Brain
4. Barn
5. Stag Skull
6. Out of Sarah Into Memories
7. Broken Window
8. Wretched Encounter
9. Must Have Been One of Her Nightmares
10. Starcrush
11. Goodbye