Black Carbon by Timothy Fife (Death Waltz Originals)

Black Carbon by Timothy Fife (Death Waltz Originals)

This three track solo album from Timothy Fife is recommended for fans of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and early Brian Eno. Sydney At Night is a brooding dark synth monster as eerie as it is unsettling, Low Plain Landscape is a hauntingly beautiful 13 minute ambient workout, and rounding out the LP is Black Carbon itself, an intense hard edged synth track that bubbles with such intensity and heavily processed voices that it sounds like an alien radio broadcast. LP comes with a download code for full LP plus an exclusive digital bonus track 'Alebedesque'.

Event Edition — Grey with white & clear Grey splatter (100)

Green & Grey split with cherry cola splatters (500)

Composer Timothy Fife
Artist Eric Adrian Lee
Labels Death Waltz Originals Death Waltz Recording Co
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